Comcast launching gigabit service in Mobile area

Gigabit Internet service requires a compatible modem, such as a Comcast Xfinity XFi Advanced Gateway. (Comcast)

Comcast is bringing gigabit Internet service to Mobile-area customers starting in late May, the company announced Monday.

According to information released by the company, the one-gigabit-per-second speed will be "among the fastest and most widely available in the area." At least one other provider, AT&T, already offers gigabit service to some customers in the city.

Comcast says that a gigabit connection allows a customer to download a music album in two seconds or an HD movie in 40.

"Now more than ever, our customers require the fastest available speeds to support the growing number of devices at home and in the workplace," said Doug Guthrie, Regional Senior Vice President at Comcast. "We’re thrilled to bring gigabit speeds to the most homes and businesses of any provider across the region."

Comcast say the new service will use existing wiring in most cases, but customers will need a modem that can handle the faster speed. The basic price for residential gigabit service is $139.95 a month. More information can be found at

Comcast launched gigabit service in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville last year. A company representative said it is conducting "a steady rollout across the Southeast region."

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