Average Apartment Manager Hourly Pay in Mobile, Alabama

Job Description for Apartment Manager

Apartment managers are responsible for keeping their apartment complex or complexes running efficiently. Duties may vary somewhat depending on the size of the apartment complex, but, in general, apartment managers are required to oversee both day-to-day and longer-term duties.

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Apartment Manager Tasks

Promote the property to prospective tenants, including conducting tours. Respond to emergency and litigation situations. Document and update tenant and property information, including processing applications. Explain and enforce lease and legal requirements and make payment collections. Maintain property, including scheduling repairs and overseeing maintenance.

Mobile (/moʊˈbiːl/ moh-BEEL; French pronunciation: ​[mɔ.bil]) is the county seat of Mobile County, Alabama, United States. The population within the city limits was 195,111 as of the 2010 United States Census, making it the third most populous city in Alabama, the most populous in Mobile County, and the largest municipality on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans, Louisiana, and St. Petersburg, Florida. Alabama’s only saltwater port, Mobile is located at the head of the Mobile Bay and the north-central Gulf Coast. The Port of Mobile has always played a key role in the economic health of the city beginning with the city as a key trading center between the French and Native Americans down to its current role as the 12th-largest port in the United States. Mobile is the principal municipality of the Mobile Metropolitan Statistical Area. This region of 412,992 residents is composed solely of Mobile County; it is the third-largest…

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